Research Interest

My broad research interest covers cognition and process dynamics of individuals or teams, which are critical factors in understanding their various effectiveness outcomes. Based on my training as an organizational behavior scholar, I am currently interested in investigating the entrepreneurial context in which entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial founding teams must direct their ventures through the uncertain and volatile environment. 

Journal Articles

  • Kim, Y. J., Lam, C. F.*, Oh, J.*, & Sohn, W.* In press. Employee constructive voice: An integrative review and a dyadic approach. Journal of Management

      * The three non-first authors above share second authorship; in alphabetical order

  • Martins, L. L., & Sohn, W. 2022. How does diversity affect team cognitive processes? Understanding the cognitive pathways underlying the diversity dividends in teams. Academy of Management Annals, 16(1): 1–45.

Other Publications

  • Burris, E. R., & Sohn, W. 2021. Creating a culture of voice. Behavioral Science & Policy, 7(1): 57–68.


  • Bernstein, E., Blunden, H., Brodsky, A., Sohn, W., & Waber, B. 2020. The implications of working without an office. Harvard Business Review, Big Idea Feature.

          * One of the top 10 most read Harvard Business Review articles of 2020