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Research Interest

I am particularly fascinated by the overarching question of "how can workplace interactions be improved?" My scholarly approach toward employees’ interactions is twofold: a) tensions that are associated with the structure of interactions through which ideas or information is exchanged among individuals; and b) tensions that stem from the content of interactions, such as those trying to change the status quo.

Journal Articles

  • Kim, Y. J., Lam, C. F.*, Oh, J.*, & Sohn, W.* Forthcoming. Employee constructive voice: An integrative review and a dyadic approach. Journal of Management

      * The three non-first authors above share second authorship; in alphabetical order

  • Martins, L. L., & Sohn, W. 2022. How does diversity affect team cognitive processes? Understanding the cognitive pathways underlying the diversity dividends in teams. Academy of Management Annals, 16(1): 1–45.

Other Publications

  • Burris, E. R., & Sohn, W. 2021. Creating a culture of voice. Behavioral Science & Policy, 7(1): 57–68.


  • Bernstein, E., Blunden, H., Brodsky, A., Sohn, W., & Waber, B. 2020. The implications of working without an office. Harvard Business Review, Big Idea Feature.

          * One of the top 10 most read Harvard Business Review articles of 2020

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